TheGoldenCrafter 4.0


Donation information

Here are some things you need to know before you consider donating.

1. When you bought VIP you will have it forever.

2. Once paid you have a 3 day leeway in which to request a refund

3. Once donations have been comfirmed they will take effect normally within 24 hours. Feel free

to contact us if you feel that it's taken too long

4. If you donated please contact me trough the CONTACT button on website to notify me about it.

    - Please do include your Minecraft Username.

Your donation options are:

Pet: 5 euro

Hero: 11 euro

Elite: 25 euro + sending costs

Legend: 50 euro  + sending costs

Omega: 100 euro  + sending costs

Need to calculate to a diffrent currency?

A list of plugins you'll get:

Click on the buttons to see wich plugins you get for each rank.

Current Amount: €00,00

Goal Amount: €0,00

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