TheGoldenCrafter 4.0


~ Welcome to TheGoldenCrafter ~

Hello players, and welcome to the website of TheGoldenCrafter

This is the website of TheGoldenCrafter server that originally started and dates back to around 2011

After the starting years i have had allot of fun with you everyone that visited my server, many fun builds have been made, and allot of interesting and funny conversations have been told, sadly everything has to come to an end.

After trying to make this server into something i wish it could be, wishing to perfect it, every update seemed to made it less attractive to my players, mainly with the introduction of the donation system.

Perhaps it was the amateurism that was in the beginning, maybe it was because i had more time at hand, or perhaps it was because after i learned the game more and more, i tried to perfect that which was fine as it was.

Thus in 2017, I've decided to close down the server, and ending a dream i had.

Yet i'm glad that the time I've had with my players, and that they had where good, so for that thank you.

So even though the server does not exist anymore, we will stay GoldenCrafter forever!

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Special thanks for trailer to: Gmanmchugh